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Sustainability Project

Sustainability Programming, 2011-2012: Overview

Sustainability ProjectOur programming will engage the campus community on the issue of sustainability in multiple and creative ways.

We will begin with our own program's offerings, organizing our undergraduate courses, graduate seminar, yearly conference, and four "road trips" (open to all students and faculty) around issues of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, as well as coordinating with faculty in various other departments to cross-list other sustainability-themed courses.

In support to this work, and as a means of bringing sustainability-minded faculty together, we are working with the Center for Teaching to create a cross-disciplinary faculty development program, scheduled for May 2011 and 2012, modeled on Emory University's highly successful Piedmont Project; in the long term, we believe, this initiative will prove instrumental in the work of integrating sustainability into Vanderbilt's curriculum.

We are also partnering with the Art Department and the Program in Creative Writing to bring in artists and writers who treat sustainability in their work and with the Film Studies and International Lens programs to sponsor a series of documentary films on sustainability topics.

Our ultimate goal for this year of programming is to create a campus-wide conversation that will embolden Vanderbilt's efforts toward sustainability while deepening our understanding of what we are working toward.

Visit our Events page for a full list of Sustainability Project programming.

The American Studies Sustainability Project is generously funded by the College of Arts and Science Fant Fund.