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Precious Lord

dc.contributor.authorCleveland, Ashley
dc.descriptionAshley Cleveland is a three time Grammy Award winning gospel singer/song-writer who loves hymns and traditional black gospel. “Precious Lord,” the song Cleveland sang at An Evening of Sacred Blues, fits both of these musical genres. Seeking refuge in music, Thomas Dorsey wrote the song after his wife and child died in childbirth. Although he was deeply depressed at first, he said that the song came to him through the Spirit of the Lord, confirming that the Lord was with him and giving him courage to move on. “Precious Lord” then became an anthem of the Civil Rights movement largely because it was Martin Luther King’s favorite song; Dr. King would insist that it be sung, often by Mahaliah Jackson, wherever he would speak or march. Thus, a deeply personal song which had supplied hope and courage to one man similarly gave hope and courage to an entire race, demonstrating to many people the power of music and the power of the living God.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipVanderbilt Divinity School, Downtown Presbyterian Church at Nashville, Center for the Study of Religion and Cultureen_US
dc.subjectMusic, Religion and the Southen_US
dc.subjectGod in Music Cityen_US
dc.subjectAshley Clevelanden_US
dc.subjectVanderbilt University. -- Divinity Library Exhibit 2012en_US
dc.subject.lcshDorsey, Thomas Andrew. -- Precious Lord, take my handen_US
dc.subject.lcshGospel singersen_US
dc.subject.lcshBlues (Music)en_US
dc.subject.lcshVanderbilt University. -- Center for the Study of Religion and Cultureen_US
dc.titlePrecious Lorden_US
dc.typeRecording, musicalen_US

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