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The Commons as a Counterpoint to the Market/State Duopoly

dc.contributor.authorBollier, David
dc.descriptionLecture on "The Commons"; Part of the Sustainability Project-sponsored graduate course "The Commons: History, Sustainability, Activism"en_US
dc.description.abstractDavid Bollier gave this lecture on "The Commons" in general, with emphasis on the management of the commons on March 29, 2012, which was held in the Black Cultural Center and open to the public. Bollier calls his work “focused on reclaiming the commons, understanding how digital technologies are changing democratic culture, fighting the excesses of intellectual property law, fortifying consumer rights and promoting citizen action.”en_US
dc.subject.lcshCommons -- Managementen_US
dc.subject.lcshCommunity development -- Managementen_US
dc.subject.lcshSocial choice -- Managementen_US
dc.subject.lcshPublic goods -- Managementen_US
dc.subject.lcshCommons -- Historyen_US
dc.titleThe Commons as a Counterpoint to the Market/State Duopolyen_US

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