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Progress towards a quantum dot photovoltaic : nanocrystal deposition on structured titanium dioxide nanotubes

dc.contributor.advisorRosenthal, Sandra J.
dc.contributor.authorEmmett, Kevin
dc.descriptionHonors in Physics
dc.description.abstractWhile this project did not successfully produce a working photovoltaic device, significant progress has been made in the individual components of the system. This thesis describes two of those components: fabrication of an ordered TiO2 thin film as electron conducting layer, and deposition of nanocrystals onto the TiO2surface. The anodized titanium nanotubes are a significant improvement over the earlier template technique. Additionally, electrophoretic deposition presents a novel approach to nanocrystal deposition techniques and is a promising alternative to the current chemical linking procedure. However, significant new approaches to imaging the deposited nanocrystals must be developed to verify surface coverage by these deposition techniques, particularly due to the highly ordered structure of the TiO2 thin films. Future work will be directed at completing the solar cell device by depositing a hole conducting layer on top of the nanotube array. Nanocrystal-sensitized solar cells may soon prove to be viable alternative to silicon photovoltaics.en
dc.description.abstractCollege of Arts & Science
dc.format.extent1578345 bytes
dc.publisherVanderbilt University. Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
dc.subjectQuantum doten
dc.subjectTitanium dioxideen
dc.subject.lcshPhotovoltaic cellsen
dc.subject.lcshSemiconductor nanocrystalsen
dc.subject.lcshNanostructured materialsen
dc.subject.lcshThin filmsen
dc.subject.lcshTitanium dioxideen
dc.subject.lcshSolar energyen
dc.titleProgress towards a quantum dot photovoltaic : nanocrystal deposition on structured titanium dioxide nanotubesen
dc.description.collegeCollege of Arts & Science
dc.description.departmentDepartment of Physics & Astronomy

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