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Multipole mixing ratios of transitions out of high spin gamma vibrational states in neutron rich Mo, Ru isotopes

dc.contributor.advisorHamilton, Joseph H.
dc.contributor.authorFenker, Benjamin
dc.descriptionHighest Honors in Physics
dc.description.abstractCurrent models of nuclear structure describe nuclear states in terms of collective vibrations and rotations of a ground state. - One such quadrupole vibrational band is the gamma-band formed by vibrations of the short sides of a deformed nucleus. - When a nucleus that is in this mode decays to its ground state, the electromagnetic radiation is predicted to be entirely quadrupole in nature. - This prediction has been well documented in a wide range of nuclei. - However, a recent study of neutron rich molybdenum and ruthenium isotopes found a few gamma-band to ground-band transitions that contained almost no quadrupole radiation. - This work utilizes the Gammasphere detector array to examine the angular correlations in the de-excitations of the secondary fission fragments of 252Cf in order to make independent measurements of these results. - This work also uses the same technique to measure the multipole mixing ratios of gamma-band to ground-band transitions originating in states with spin-parity as high as 9+. - The results demonstrate that in these nuclei, electric quadrupole radiation is strongly favored in gamma to ground band transitions as has been predicted by theory.en_US
dc.publisherVanderbilt University. Dept. of Physics and Astronomyen_US
dc.subjectNuclear deformationen_US
dc.subjectMultipole mixing ratiosen_US
dc.subjectHigh spinen_US
dc.subjectGamma vibrational statesen_US
dc.subjectMo, Ru isotopesen_US
dc.subject.lcshSpontaneous fissionen_US
dc.subject.lcshAngular correlations (Nuclear physics)en_US
dc.subject.lcshNuclear structuresen_US
dc.subject.lcshNuclear shapesen_US
dc.subject.lcshMolybdenum -- Isotopesen_US
dc.subject.lcshRuthenium -- Isotopesen_US
dc.titleMultipole mixing ratios of transitions out of high spin gamma vibrational states in neutron rich Mo, Ru isotopesen_US
dc.description.collegeCollege of Arts and Scienceen_US
dc.description.departmentDept. of Physics and Astronomyen_US

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